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Guest Blog: Race Day Tactics

Hi everyone! I thought I might tell you a bit about me before writing this post, just so you can get a feel for whose words you’re reading and that they’re not just words off a page. I’m 16 years old and, like Ellie, love all things running. I recently started my blog ( to… Continue reading Guest Blog: Race Day Tactics

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Guest Blog by TeenTriathlete

Hi, I'm Jasmine from Teen Triathlete Blog! Ellie and I have decided that we would do a collaboration talking about the different training we do during the week so, if you want to check out her post, head over to my blog. ( it's linked in my Instagram Bio ) Instagram - Teentriathleteblog I'm also… Continue reading Guest Blog by TeenTriathlete

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Trying to step it up…

I am almost certain that in all activities, improving is the ultimate goal. Everything that I take part in, I strive to see myself get better at it - whether this be a sport, within school or simply a random hobby. However, if there is one thing that I am absolutely determined to improve in,… Continue reading Trying to step it up…

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Don’t Get Tide Down, Run On The Beach!

During our holiday in Norfolk, we were lucky enough to be near multiple lovely beaches. We spent long days on the sand and in the cold sea - determined to make the most of the last week of the holidays- which was all really good fun. It was really nice to have such a classic… Continue reading Don’t Get Tide Down, Run On The Beach!

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The “Less Is More” Dilemma

Anyone  who knows me will know of my extreme competitiveness and vast desire to improve - in just about anything! So, of course, I am absolutely desperate to have a brilliant second cross country season. I have been planning it ever since last season, images in my head of intensive training and success. Now that… Continue reading The “Less Is More” Dilemma

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How To Stay Energised As A Runner

Having high energy levels is important for anyone trying to get through their daily life but it is particularly significant for runners. As running burns a lot of energy, it is essential to make sure that you replenish the lost energy so that you can go about your day without feeling tired. Furthermore, you will not… Continue reading How To Stay Energised As A Runner


How To Restore Your Love Of Running

It is very tempting, as a runner, to want to be the best. This can be a good thing: determination and dedication are the best ingredients for success. I'm sure every runner wants to see progress - and they should! As in any activity, watching yourself become more able over-time is incredibly fulfilling and satisfying.… Continue reading How To Restore Your Love Of Running