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The Running Tag ft. My Dad!

To celebrate Fathers' Day, I thought I would introduce you to my number one running partner...my dad! My dad was the reason I started running and he has been my running buddy ever since my first training run! We train together every single session and he is the only other person who I can share… Continue reading The Running Tag ft. My Dad!

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Race Round-up: 1500m x4

Recently, Β I have been pretty busy with racing - more specifically 1500m track racing. Over the last week, I have competed four times and each race was a completely different experience than all the others...well, at least as different as you can get with track races. That was definitely a good thing though because it… Continue reading Race Round-up: 1500m x4

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Dealing With Anxiety As A Runner

Today I really wanted to talk about something I seemed to have avoided so far on my blog - despite it being possibly the main reason I started Energised Ellie in the first place! I have to deal with anxiety/ perfectionism and, for quite a while, it did effect me a lot but I have… Continue reading Dealing With Anxiety As A Runner

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Is there such thing as a “Bad run”?

Anyone who is or has ever spoken to a runner will have heard people complaining about their "bad run." Β They check their watches and can't help but let out a disappointed sigh. Perhaps they didn't get the time they were aiming for. Maybe they lost to a rival or got a lower position than they… Continue reading Is there such thing as a “Bad run”?

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Ealing Mini Mile/ Half Marathon

Last Sunday was a very exciting day for running. It was the day of the infamous Ealing Half Marathon! My dad had, of course, been training for weeks for this race, determined to beat his time from the previous year - which had been his first ever half-marathon! Unfortunately, I was not illegible to do… Continue reading Ealing Mini Mile/ Half Marathon

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Guest Blog – Snack Benefits: Snacks, Smoothies and More

Hi everyone! For this weeks post, my fellow running/ fitness blog Jordan kindly offered to guest-blog! I was delighted when we agreed to collaborate as I really enjoy his blog and really recommend giving it a read as it is full of really great stuff! Over to Jordan: Hi – my name is Jordan, a… Continue reading Guest Blog – Snack Benefits: Snacks, Smoothies and More