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Race Round-up: 1500m x4

Recently,  I have been pretty busy with racing - more specifically 1500m track racing. Over the last week, I have competed four times and each race was a completely different experience than all the others...well, at least as different as you can get with track races. That was definitely a good thing though because it… Continue reading Race Round-up: 1500m x4

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Guest Blog: Race Day Tactics

Hi everyone! I thought I might tell you a bit about me before writing this post, just so you can get a feel for whose words you’re reading and that they’re not just words off a page. I’m 16 years old and, like Ellie, love all things running. I recently started my blog (https://fruitsandroutes.wordpress.com) to… Continue reading Guest Blog: Race Day Tactics

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…so what went wrong? (Dealing with a Dissapointing Race)

The past two weeks have possibly been the best of my running life. I have been training significantly better than I ever had before: I ran many hard sessions, did just under a PB for 1500m in the middle of training and smashed my parkrun PB to get 20:13 without even expecting it. My running… Continue reading …so what went wrong? (Dealing with a Dissapointing Race)

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Ealing Mini Mile/ Half Marathon

Last Sunday was a very exciting day for running. It was the day of the infamous Ealing Half Marathon! My dad had, of course, been training for weeks for this race, determined to beat his time from the previous year - which had been his first ever half-marathon! Unfortunately, I was not illegible to do… Continue reading Ealing Mini Mile/ Half Marathon