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Guest Blog: Race Day Tactics

Hi everyone! I thought I might tell you a bit about me before writing this post, just so you can get a feel for whose words you’re reading and that they’re not just words off a page. I’m 16 years old and, like Ellie, love all things running. I recently started my blog ( to… Continue reading Guest Blog: Race Day Tactics

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…so what went wrong? (Dealing with a Dissapointing Race)

The past two weeks have possibly been the best of my running life. I have been training significantly better than I ever had before: I ran many hard sessions, did just under a PB for 1500m in the middle of training and smashed my parkrun PB to get 20:13 without even expecting it. My running… Continue reading …so what went wrong? (Dealing with a Dissapointing Race)

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Dealing With Anxiety As A Runner

Today I really wanted to talk about something I seemed to have avoided so far on my blog - despite it being possibly the main reason I started Energised Ellie in the first place! I have to deal with anxiety/ perfectionism and, for quite a while, it did effect me a lot but I have… Continue reading Dealing With Anxiety As A Runner

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Double Review: Fitbit Surge & Asics Cumulus 18

This has been a fairly long awaited blog post but it is finally here - I have a double review of two of the most exciting running products I have picked up this year! Of course, I have not been sponsored by these companies and they have both been purchased by our own money and… Continue reading Double Review: Fitbit Surge & Asics Cumulus 18

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Guest Blog by TeenTriathlete

Hi, I'm Jasmine from Teen Triathlete Blog! Ellie and I have decided that we would do a collaboration talking about the different training we do during the week so, if you want to check out her post, head over to my blog. ( it's linked in my Instagram Bio ) Instagram - Teentriathleteblog I'm also… Continue reading Guest Blog by TeenTriathlete

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Trying to step it up…

I am almost certain that in all activities, improving is the ultimate goal. Everything that I take part in, I strive to see myself get better at it - whether this be a sport, within school or simply a random hobby. However, if there is one thing that I am absolutely determined to improve in,… Continue reading Trying to step it up…