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Race Round-up: 1500m x4

Recently,  I have been pretty busy with racing - more specifically 1500m track racing. Over the last week, I have competed four times and each race was a completely different experience than all the others...well, at least as different as you can get with track races. That was definitely a good thing though because it… Continue reading Race Round-up: 1500m x4

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Guest Blog: Race Day Tactics

Hi everyone! I thought I might tell you a bit about me before writing this post, just so you can get a feel for whose words you’re reading and that they’re not just words off a page. I’m 16 years old and, like Ellie, love all things running. I recently started my blog (https://fruitsandroutes.wordpress.com) to… Continue reading Guest Blog: Race Day Tactics

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…so what went wrong? (Dealing with a Dissapointing Race)

The past two weeks have possibly been the best of my running life. I have been training significantly better than I ever had before: I ran many hard sessions, did just under a PB for 1500m in the middle of training and smashed my parkrun PB to get 20:13 without even expecting it. My running… Continue reading …so what went wrong? (Dealing with a Dissapointing Race)