About Me

Hi,  I’m Ellie. I’m a fifteen year old runner from London. I have been running for just over two years now and you could say that I’m pretty obsessed. I decided to start this blog to track my running progress, help me with my anxiety and to give me something to do over the summer and it has expanded from there!



Most of the time, I have quite a lot on my plate. Generally, if I am not running, I’m usually doing another sport or I’m keeping up with my school work. Balancing my sport, social life and studying (particularly with GCSEs looming) can be a bit of a struggle but to be honest, I like being busy so I wouldn’t have it any other way!



I hope you enjoy reading my blog and following my running journey! I try to post here once a week but school commitments often take priority! Make sure to follow my social medias for more regular updates!



Ellie xx