Week Of Training: Summer Edition

As requested by a few of you, today’s post is all about my weekly training schedule. Over the past few months, my training has developed and changed a lot. I am running quite a lot more than I was but I am finding that I am managing well with the workload. I am really enjoying my training at the moment and I think it is working well for me.

However, as a disclaimer, obviously I am not a coach nor an expert. This training works well for me right now but it might be too much or too little for some people. I’ve found that it is essential to avoid comparing your training with anyone else’s because we are all different athletes and respond in very different ways to training style and load. If you do want to change your training, I would suggest consulting your coach first in order to ensure that you are not putting yourself at risk of injury.

As mentioned in the title, this is a summer edition of my week of training therefore it is constructed to allow me to compete well on the track. I love training in the Summer because I have so much more free time for additional things such as swimming and strength work and obviously the weather is a lot nicer. I will probably write another one of these in Winter so you can see my cross country training also as they are very different.

Anyway, let’s just get into it.


My main session of the day on Monday is a steeplechase specific session with my club. We warm up then complete drills and hurdle drills before doing some barriers, sometimes in a relay format. We then usually do some barrier work in the long jump pit to practice water jump technique. This session is generally very technical so not particularly taxing but I do find it very helpful and am very grateful that I am able to have it. I also sometimes go for a swim on Mondays – depending on how busy I am.

Long jump pit is a good sub for the water pit!


Tuesday is usually the toughest session of the week. For the past few months, we have been doing track sessions every Tuesday – however, as we are nearing the end of track, we have started introducing a few more park and road sessions but it is still most often on the track. We have a set rota of sessions that we work our way through in order to allow us to peak for the big races. Some examples of our track sessions are:

(3x500m) x2 – 60s in between the 500s and 6 minutes in between sets.

4x600m (first 300 at 1500m pace, second 300 4 secs quicker) – 6 minutes rest

600m, 500m, 400m, 300m at race pace – 6 minute rests

(those are all separate sessions)

Actually a race pick but it’s still a track….


As there is no club session, I tend to run on my own or with my dad. I will either do a recovery run or a fartlek on grass. The recovery run would be 5-8km at a comfortable pace. The fartlek would be something like 3mins on, 2mins off x1, 2mins on, 1min off x2, 1min on, 30s off x3 (on being a hard effort and off being a slow jog). The fartlek is usually fairly challenging but I find that it doesn’t leave me too tired for the next day of training.  I will also sometimes go for a swim if I am able to.

IMG_2406 (1)


Another club session which is either track or park. If it is on the track, it tends to be easier than Tuesday (e.g. 8x200m) as we are often racing on the weekend. Personally, I really love park sessions. An example of a park session would be 2x2km around the park with 5 minutes rest followed by some relays.


If racing Saturday: Generally a full rest day, maybe with a short jog and strides if I feel like it or some hurdle drills. If I am doing a parkrun, I might do an easy run or a light track session (mainly drills and hurdle work).

If racing Sunday: Usually a track session or recovery run. As my weekend races tend to be steeplechases, I will usually do a steeplechase session on Friday containing hurdle drills and some kind of session over the hurdles/barriers. I might also go for a swim.

IMG_3332 (1)


Either race or parkrun or a rest day (possibly with a short run and strides) if racing Sunday.


Either a race, long run or hills. My long run tends to be 9-13km at a comfortable pace and if I am doing hills it will usually be something like 25mins continuous up and down a medium length to long hill.  I might also swim if I am not racing.

That is my full week of training. Along side this, I will probably do a few strength sessions and lots of stretching (particularly hip stretching and mobility for steeplechase).

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed,



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