Energy Snacks Review

When I started to become a lot more serious about my running last year, I decided that I would make sure that I am taking care of myself in order to improve recovery and reduce rate of injury. This included stretching, foam rolling, doing proper warm-ups and cool downs and, perhaps most importantly sufficient fuelling. For a long while, I was really struggling to recover from all of my sessions and I was constantly tired. All of my research to help me with this pointed to one thing: eating after and before sessions appropriately. I used to wait for the next meal whenever I finished a run which could be up to 4 hours and, if I ran in the morning such as for parkrun, I would never eat beforehand. This meant that I would often lack energy for my runs and the pain from a hard session would linger for an extended period of time.

The number one thing that helped me prevent this was snacking. I now make sure to almost always have some kind of snack before and after my sessions. This has benefited me hugely as I am now able to train in much higher quantities but am able to recover a lot faster!

Today I am reviewing Energy Snacks which is our family’s favourite place to stock up on “running snacks”. We have been ordering from their website for a while and they kindly offered to send me a Favourites Box for me to review!

Energy Snacks offer 4 Favourites Boxes: gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan or normal. As the name suggests, they are a box of around 12 snacks of different varieties which are the company’s and customer’s favourites!

I received the vegetarian box (for obvious reasons) which was filled with a huge range of different snacks, all of which I will be briefly reviewing.

  1. Picky Bar (Smooth Caffinator): I have already reviewed Picky Bars and they are a staple for my training (we ordered all of ours from Energy Snacks). Unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of the Smooth Caffinator flavour but my dad certainly enjoyed it! (£2.25)Image result for picky bars smooth caffeinator
  2. SIS Go Energy Bar (Apple and Blackcurrant): I am not a huge fan of this flavour so I gave this to my brother who ate it before a race. He enjoyed it and said it gave him enough energy for the run so I am sure it does the job!Image result for sis go energy bar
  3. Ote Duo Bar (Chocolate): This was another energy bar that basically tastes and looks like rice crispys. It was a little bit sweet for my liking but if you are a fan of that kind of taste, you’ll love it. (£2.00)Image result for ote duo bars
  4. PowerBar Ride (peanut caramel): Yet another energy bar. This one was basically a chocolate bar so was perfectly nice but not my favourite thing to have before a run. Despite this, it definitely gives you a fair bit of energy. I imagine it would be perfect during a long bike ride and it has magnesium in which is cool. (£1.50)Image result for powerbar ride
  5. Chia Charge Energy Flapjack (peanut butter): This was my number one favourite thing in the box. As of now, the Chia Charge flapjacks have become my number one favourite pre-race/ long run snack. They are really easy to digest as well as providing the perfect slow-release energy due to the oats. They also taste absolutely amazing! These will definitely become a training staple. (£1.50)Image result for chia charge flapjack peanut
  6. Torq Bar (Vanilla Crisp): Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Torq recovery bar. For some reason, there was something slightly odd about the taste which I did not like. However, this may be just because I am extremely fussy. I am sure it is a perfectly good protein bar that does the job and it certainly looked cool. Plus, I noticed that Torq have a lot of new products so I would like to try something else from them in the future! (£2.50)Image result for torq vanilla crisp
  7. Oompf Energy (very berry): Again, this energy bar did the job but I wasn’t enthused about it. Most likely, this is due to my fussiness. Unfortunately, the company has now gone out of business.
  8. Sweet Peaks Energy Sweets (orange)Sweet Peaks Energy Sweets (orange):  As the name suggests, they are orange flavoured energy sweets but they aren’t the usual gummy style sweets, they were more solid and powdery which I prefer as I can’t eat the gummy sweets right before a run because they tend to make me feel sick. These are perfect for an energy boost right before or during a run! (£.085)Image result for sweet peaks energy sweets
  9. High 5 Zero Electrolyte Drink (cherry orange): These are classic electrolyte drinks that you can’t really go wrong with! They are zero sugar but still taste good and give you an extra bit of hydration. I always feel like they give you a bit of extra energy too but I suspect that is a placebo effect. You also receive 20 in a tube which is pretty good for the price compared to some brands. (£6.99)Image result for high 5 hydration tablets
  10. OTE Caffeine Gel (lemon and lime): I can’t say that I actually had this because I am not a frequent user of gels and do not frequently ingest caffeine but it worked well for my dad during his marathon training. (£1.50)Image result for ote caffeine gel
  11. High Five IsoGel (citrus): I actually did have this gel before one of my cross countries and I actually found that it gave me a good energy boost and I actually didn’t mind the taste which is rare for me! (£0.99)Image result for high five isogel
  12. GU Energy Stroop Wafle (Salty’s Caramel): This was another one of my favourite products. I had it before a race and it was delicious, really easy to digest and provided a good amount of energy. Have already re-purchased these a few times! (£1.89)Image result for gu stroopwafelThe price of the whole box was £20 so you would save at least £5 by purchasing it rather than buying each item separately. I would really recommend getting one of the boxes if you want to try out a whole range of new products. They frequently change what is in these boxes but you can see the details on the website. As for the company/ website itself, I personally think it is excellent as it has such a range of products that you are undoubtedly going to find something that works for you there! As for delivery, for me they seem to arrive promptly after order (usually a few days) and shipping is very cheap (£1.99 for orders under £20 and free for orders over £20)!

Overall, I would really recommend both the favourites box and the entire website as a whole! I have provided links for all the products I received. I would like to thank Energy Snacks again for their generosity with sending me these items and suggest you check them out.

That’s all from me for this post but, lucky for you, I have also just uploaded another blog about my 1500m steeplechase and 3000m debut so feel free to go and read that now!

Thank you for reading,



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