The Running Tag ft. My Dad!

To celebrate Fathers’ Day, I thought I would introduce you to my number one running partner…my dad! My dad was the reason I started running and he has been my running buddy ever since my first training run! We train together every single session and he is the only other person who I can share my obsession with! So, I thought it would be fitting if you got to know both of us a little bit better by us answering the Running Tag!

Note: I found this tag online so feel free to use it yourself!

advocates of the pre-race selfie
  1. How long have you been running?

Dad: It has been 3 and a half years since I did my first parkrun

Ellie: nearly exactly two years since my first training run.

2. Why did you start running?

Dad: I wanted to get fitter and it looked quite fun

Ellie: My Dad and brother did it and I didn’t want my brother being quicker than me even though I really hated it at the time. 

3. What is the furthest distance you have ever ran?

Dad: Marathon

Ellie: about 17km


4. Cross country, road, track or trail?

Dad: Road is what I do most of but I think cross country and track is more fun

Ellie: I love them all when I’m actually doing them but I like the idea of cross country the most

5. What is your best running memory?

Dad: finishing the Ealing Half Marathon for the first time because I had never known anything like that before!

Ellie: I am not exactly sure but it is probably just some of our training sessions at the hills or running in Corfu or Norfolk – or possibly my winning my first cross country!


6. What is your favourite distance to run?

Dad: Half marathon I think because it’s a good combination of pace and endurance – closely followed by 5km

Ellie: I don’t really know- I like 1500m, 5kms and 10kms equally I think and I’d like to try the 3000m

7. What is your least favourite distance to run?

Dad: 400m or 800m

Ellie: 300m or 500m because they are awkward numbers and they really hurt but pretty much anything much under 1500m is more painful

8. Favourite training session?

Dad: a good tempo 10km run when I’m feeling good

Ellie: either a good, hilly tempo run, or hill repeats or a track session where I’m feeling really good…actually pretty much any session when I’m feeling good.

9. What shoes do you run in?

Dad: I have four pairs- everyday: Asics Gel Kayanos, track and shorter distance: On Cloudrush, trail: Asics Fujiyama and serious trail: Salomon Cross 

Ellie: Asics Cumulus 18

10. Do you have a running partner?

Each other – with the occasional appearance of our dog, Ember.


11. What is your favourite place to run?

Dad: The local park!

Ellie: anywhere that looks pretty and has lots of hills

12. What is your favourite running accessory?

Dad: my garmin!

Ellie: my running socks (but I seriously want garmin)

13. Do you like outdoor or indoor running?

100% Outdoor!

14. What is your favourite time of day to run?

Dad: Early morning

Ellie: longer runs are better in the early morning but I prefer track and hill sessions in the late afternoon

15. What is your favourite race you have ran?

Dad: Ealing Half Marathon

Ellie: I love the County Cross Countries and the Mini Marathon and the Ealing Mini Mile – and to be honest all club track races are good fun!

My first 10km was really fun also!

16. What are some other exercises that you enjoy?

Dad: football, tennis and cricket

Ellie: netball, tennis, climbing, cycling and I am aspiring to one day enjoy swimming…

17 .Are you currently training for something?

Dad: not really – except beating Sam in a 400m sprint

Ellie: my track races and a sub 20 parkrun

The whole gang!

18. What is your favourite running brand?

Dad: Asics for shoes and Tribe Sports for clothes

Ellie: I love Nike running clothes more than any others (I’m a Nike pro aficionado) but I love my Adidas and Asics shoes

19. What are your current and future goals?

Dad: current- to help Ellie get sub 20 parkrun, future- sub 3:30 marathon

Ellie: current- sub 20 Parkrun and sub 5 1500m and my future goals are to compete for my county and possibly at national level and win some more races! Oh and to start steeple-chase (your girl can dream)

20. Proudest running achievement?

Dad: finishing my first marathon!

Ellie: I don’t really have one yet but I’m quite proud of qualifying for my country finals and winning a few races – hopefully I’ll get some more achievements soon!

21. Advice for new runners?

Dad: just do it! Oh and get down to parkrun as soon as you can!

Ellie: trust the process – don’t except to be amazing straight away but keep at it and you will eventually achieve your goals! And try not to fall into the comparison trap (I really should start taking my own advice)


Hope you enjoyed today’s slightly different Father’s Day Special blog post! A big thanks to my dad for his contribution! I would also like to apologise for being inactive again – recent exams and general business have taken priority bur Summer is on the way and I am determined to start being more consistent and making more of an effort! 

But for now, I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the sunshine!

Ellie (and Dad) xx



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