My Recent Favourites + Mini Update

Hey there everyone! Over the last month or so, I have collected/ experienced a lot of things I am desperate to talk about so I thought the best thing to do would be to compile a list of these things so I can share them with you guys! Hope you enjoy!

Stance Running Socks

I’m going to start this list of with possibly one of my favourite pieces of running kit I have ever owned: my new Stance running socks. These are hands down the most beautiful sports socks I have ever seen! I saw them for the first time at the Brighton Marathon Village and managed to resist purchasing them…but after seeing them again at the London Marathon Expo – I couldn’t stop myself! And let me just say, they are worth every penny! They are super comfortable and, most importantly, they look super cool!


“The Stick”

Another purchase from the London Marathon Expo: “The Stick” is a massage tool that works in a similar way to a foam roller. Basically, all you do is roll it up and down any part of your body to relieve stiffness and pain. It is super portable, in my opinion, easier to use than a foam roller! You can easily take it around with you to races and training or wherever you want! Due to my recent hamstring niggle, I have been relying on the handy stick a lot recently and it has been great! Highly recommend!

IMG_0735 (1)

On Running Shoes

Okay so I don’t actually own a pair of these but I just had to mention them because they are almost certainly top of my running wishlist (perhaps just behind a new pair of spikes). These are genuinely the coolest running shoes I have ever seen/worn. I tried them in Brighton and in London and they are incredible: super light and bouncy – pretty much like spikes you can wear on the road! My dad decided to treat himself to some post marathon (claiming they are going to be his “speed shoes”) and I am very very jealous. He says they feel amazing and very fast!

Image result for on running shoes cloudflow
Not my photo but these are the ones my dad owns (CloudFlow)

Nike Pros

These will forever be my favourites. I simply cannot wear any running bottoms (shorts and leggings) if they are not Nike Pros. They are just so incredible comfortable as well as looking nice and being highly functional for running. I only thought I’d mention it here because I recently bought a new pair of shorts and I am obsessed with them!

IMG_0739 (1).JPG
Most of my collection!

Marathon Madness

April is the infamous marathon month so I knew I’d have to give it a mention! After experiencing both the Brighton and London Marathon, I am feeling really inspired. Both had such an incredible atmosphere and one day, when I am old enough, I am definitely going to do one (or many)! Congratulations to every completed the monstrous 26.2 miles!

Mini Marathon (see how it went at the end of the post)

Food Favourites

Thanks to the London Marathon Expo, my family and I were able to pick up lots of new and exciting snacks. A shout-out must go to Tribe bars (particularly their protein shakes), Oomf porridge (it is delicious and has loads of protein), proper corn crunch corn (we have all decided it is much better than normal pop-corn), graze boxes (they keep me going throughout the school week) and, my absolute favourite, picky bars (don’t worry, there is a review coming soon)! As for more normal food, I have recently got into courgette and flat bagels – which is unfortunate as my brother is the bagel king and ate four in one day last week!


Track Training and Events

I can now officially say that we are well in to the track season and, unexpectedly, I am loving it! I was so reluctant to go into the season as it meant less mileage and hills and more speed work which is definitely not my strong suit. However, much to my surprise, I have genuinely been really enjoying the track training so far! I have been really enjoying sessions with lots of reps of 600s, 400s, 300s and even 200s (100s are a little bit too far). As for the actual track events, I have only actually attended two so far (the SLAN league and my brother’s first ever track event) and the atmosphere is just amazing! But more on that in a future blog post…

Sam’s first race!
Speed training!

As promised, I’d thought I would give you all a little life update as I haven’t posted in so long! Two weeks ago was the mini marathon which is my favourite race however I was unfortunate enough to be sick that very weekend. I decided that it would still run which resulted in possible the most awful, painful race of my life…but it was worth it for the experience (and the free stuff). Last weekend, I watched my little brother compete in his first track race which he did very well in and this weekend I have my second track race! I also have two very important races next week (Lewisham School’s – i.e qualifier for London School’s and Surrey Champs two days after) so a lot to look forward too!

Hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll hopefully be back with another blog post soon!

Ellie xx



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