Review: “everactiv” Sports Wear

Hi everybody, today I thought I’d finally share a review on everactiv. If you do not know the company (which you totally should) everactiv make sportswear specifically for girls. I was delighted when they contacted me and asked if I would like to work with them! I am official an everactiv Ambassador but I promise all opinions are 100% honest! So, let’s get into the review! (Oh and, if you read until the end, you will get a special discount code)!!

As I have already mentioned, everactiv make sports/ active wear specifically for girls so if you are an adult man, chances are, this won’t be very helpful for you. However, I’m almost certain that the clothes could work for smaller adult females so make sure you check the sizing if you are interested!

IMG_0321 (1).JPG
Because hats are always a bonus
The people at everactiv were so lovely and generous and agreed to spend me over some pieces. I chose a pair of sports leggings, a t-shirt, a long sleeved top, a crop top and some shorts. All of the items on sale have a really lovely designs with stylish and interesting prints! They are also very affordable (the items I chose ranged from £12.99 to £19.99). I am going to go through each item and give a mini review so you get a better idea!

The Tops

As I only had one long sleeved running top to brave the freezing winter, I thought that it would be perfect to pick up another one! I chose a light blue top and I love it! It is absolutely perfect for those days when it is too warm to wear short sleeves but too cold to wear double layers. The fabric is breathable although it isn’t quite as light as most running tops I own – but that’s fine in the cold! It also has little thumb holes in the sleeves which are greatly appreciated when I don’t feel like wearing gloves.


I also received a short sleeve top in a very luminous pink colour – not what I would usually go for but I actually do you really like the look of it! It allows lots of mobility which is always useful and includes a handy pocket in the back (as does the long sleeved). Like the other top, it isn’t quite as light as I am used which is perfectly fine in our climate but I feel that it might get a little bit hot if you happened to wear it in a warmer area.

Despite that, I still love the tops! The long sleeved was £16.99 and the short sleeved was £12.99 which, compared to places like Nike, is a cracking deal – especially as these products are so well made!


I also received a crop top with the coolest reversible pattern (see the shorts). It works absolutely perfectly for me and is really comfortable! It was also only £12.99!

The Leggings

I really love the look of these leggings! They have such an interesting and nice looking design along with a breathable fabric. However, I did have a slight problem in which they tend to fall down on me so I don’t really like to wear them for running. I am almost certain though that this is just a fault of me being extremely between sizes as I don’t think many people have this issue. I do still really love the leggings though and I always wear them when I am stretching or doing strength training – which they work absolutely perfectly for! They retail at £19.99.

The leggings in action!

The Shorts

As it is so cold out, I haven’t actually gotten an opportunity  to test them out running but I am pretty sure they are going to work out well. I have worn them whilst strength training and they are great! I also love the design and the colour and they are reversible meaning that you can go for a more simple but still stylish black shorts look if you get bored of the pattern.

The design features images of figures doing different sports which I think is really cool!
Overall, I think that everactiv as a company are awesome! The products are very well made and it’s nice to buy products from such a lovely, developing, British company. Plus, you will definitely stand out in a crowd of people wearing Nike pros! I will definitely be purchasing more from this brand and I can’t wait to see them expand in the future! If you are interested, lucky you because I have a discount code! Use “everellie” for 10% of everything! 

So that’s all from me today! I hope you enjoyed this review and are now tempting to check out everactiv yourself! I really enjoy reviewing products/ companies so if you have any recommendations of what I should review next, please let me know! 

Just to let you all know, I finally had an injury free training session yesterday which was amazing and I’m really looking forward to my road race on Saturday! Also, well done to all those competing in Nationals last weekend! I’m gutted to have missed it but it would have been a real hassle to deal with but I’m definitely going to try and make it up there next year because it looked so fun – if only it wasn’t so far away! (Perhaps Beckenham Place Park Nationals???)

Hope you all have a great week,



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