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Hi, I’m Jasmine from Teen Triathlete Blog! Ellie and I have decided that we would do a collaboration talking about the different training we do during the week so, if you want to check out her post, head over to my blog. ( it’s linked in my Instagram Bio )

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I’m also a 14 year old runner / triathlete so we thought it would be interesting to share the sort of things we do to train for our sport. Of course, I can be very difficult managing school work and training, but it can be done. I have been running for 7 years. At the moment I am having really bad probably with me knees, I have been diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter disease, this means that my knee is growing faster than my cartilage and when I do impact sports it gets sore and rubs and irritate parts of my knees and it hurts a lot. So I can only do low impact sport. So my training is bass around the problem with my knees.

File_003 (4).jpeg

My weekly injury based training:

Monday –

I wake up at 6.00am and of to my local swimming pool and of to do 500m or 1k in the pool. Then straight to school to go and do homework in the library or extra work to catch up with school. Then I have to go to lesson at 8.50 and get back from school at 4.00. Which I then finish homework and then get dinner and get into bed early as possible as I am up the next day early again.

Tuesday –

I wake up at 6.00am again today and I go swimming again I then get to school and go to lesson I get back at 4.00 and have my dinner and I go back to school of my running club I go and help out with my brothers younger group and then the next one then it my group but at the moment I can’t do it because of my knees 😦

File_002 (5).jpeg

Wednesday –

This is normal my rest day but I might go on my spinner bike. Just catch up on school work, revision and maybe do some baking.

Thursday –

On Thursday I might go Swimming in the morning but depending on how tired I am. Then I will go to school and then pretty much do the same as always.

Friday –

My rest day again.

Saturday –

Usually would be my race day but as I am injured can’t really race. Instead, I have an abs session.



Rest day.


That was my weekly training plan ( whist being injured ) I hoped you enjoyed reading! Make sure to head over to my blog and read Ellie’s, it’s worth a read.

Have a great Christmas and new year,

Jasmine xxx

Hiya! This is Ellie again! I would like to thank Jasmine for collaborating with me and make sure you head over and check out her blog I am greatly inspired by triathletes like Jasmine and would love to do one in the near future…or at least a duathlon as I am not a strong swimmer!

Anyway, thank you reading,

Bye xx


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