How I Manage School and Sport

Today I have a bit of a different blog post but I decided that this would be an important thing to talk about. I figure that this topic is very much linked to the theme of my blog because, technically, it is the thing that allows me to be able to write my blog at all. No matter who you are, I believe that organisation is always essential in order to actually be able to get things done and recently, I have had a lot to do. Personally, I do like being busy but having to manage school, sport, my social live and blogging can be a little tricky – thus I took it upon myself to improve my organisation during this school year and, so far, I think I am doing pretty well. I know from experience that it can be difficult to get motivated to be productive but I honestly believe it is 100% worth it. Hence, I decided to comprise a few of the ways that I have used to get my life together!

As I previously mentioned, during the week I have a lot to do. I have running, netball, drama, sport and school (of course) all scheduled in – and all that is before I add the individual events each week has to offer and school work! Despite this, I always ensure to get everything done. My secret to success in this field is almost definitely planning. I highly recommend some sort of planning so that you can manage your time efficiently. For my birthday, I received a personal planner and I love it! Each week, I actually look forward to planning the week ahead on a Sunday afternoon. I am motivated to do this purely by the fact that I enjoy decorating my weekly spreads – it sounds stupid but it is honestly great fun (especially since, for me, it is perhaps my only art form). Having everything I need to do throughout the week on one double page really helps me keep on top on things and schedule everything I need to do.

Planner is from here and stickers are from here

Another thing that I find extremely important to stay on track is to make sure I prioritise. For example, if I know that I have a big homework to do, I will make an effort to get the majority or all of it finished before I start on smaller tasks. I plan out which day I will do each particular piece of work based on how long it will take me and the due date. Furthermore, if I know I have a big project to do over the weekend and a race or event on the Saturday, I will try not to book anything for Sunday just to make sure that I have enough time. This also applies to when I need to revise for a test because when I need to revise, I really revise. I am such a perfectionist when it comes to marks and exams so I always make sure to have a lot of time set aside for studying. Often, when I am not at a club,  I will do work during lunch times at school which is very useful and I would definitely suggest.

Some of my study notes…

Finally, I  must admit that doing school and extra-curriculum does require quite a lot of extra effort. In order to perform well in both, I do have to work a little bit harder for example, I never sleep-in and occasionally have to skip social events so that I can finish my homework. However, it is also important to have substantial amounts of down-time. Relaxing allows your brain to refresh and reduces stress levels so yes, watching the latest episode of your favourite TV can actually be beneficial. I struggled for awhile managing to get myself to actually take breaks because I was nervous about them being “too unproductive” but I soon found that if I did not, my anxiety would over-flow a lot more easily. Moreover, sleeping and eating well is also essential or you will simply not have enough energy which will eventually take it’s toll. I personally always make sure to wind down in the hours leading up to bed time and generally always go to bed before 10 – if not I get extremely tired!

That’s everything! I really hope you enjoyed this different kind of blog post. I though it would be interesting to write about as so many young people end up quitting sport due to other responsibilities which I think is really sad because, if they were able to manage their time more effectively, they most likely have continued. For me, the idea of stopping sport really scares me as I enjoy it so much! On a somewhat related note, this love of sport has lead me leaning towards PE GSCE which I think I am likely to pick in February. However, I would really like to find another sport to do within that (I am currently picking netball and athletics but I need to find one more). If anyone has any suggestions or advice about PE GCSE, I would really appreciate it!

Anyway, that’s all from me for now! I actually can’t believe that it is only eleven days until Christmas! I am unexplainably excited! Also, we are very nearly at the end of our school term so I will soon be able to put a lot more time and effort into the blog!

Thanks for reading,

Ellie xx



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