A Run-Down Of The Last Few Months

Hello everybody! I have been up to a LOT recently hence seeming to disappear.  This includes cross countries, three new parkruns, netballing, GCSE choosing and, most prominently, school work. As I have been incredibly inactive for quite a while now, I thought I would just give you an overview of what I have been up to. I really apologise for my sheer lack of posts but I hope to be back now and expanding the blog further as I truly have missed it! I’d like to thank everyone who is reading because I wouldn’t be back blogging without you! Anyway, I think I might as well start cracking on with the actual post now! Enjoy!

Let’s start with my favourite: parkruns! During November I was able to visit three new parkruns in incredibly different locations. First up was Greenwhich Parkrun which my dad and I decided to do due to my brother playing in a rugby match nearby. This was a very nice, semi-grass course with good potential – however my performance was greatly hindered by my shoe lace untying…twice! Despite this being very annoying, it did teach me a good lesson and I now know that I will never leave the house without double knotting again. The following week was Lloyd Parkrun, the infamous cross country course. My dad, who had done this before, made it out to me and my brother that it was the hardest run he had ever done and the fact that it was the most awful, rainy conditions I had seen all year, did not help my nerves. However, as I was expecting the worst, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed the run with the challenging yet exciting course, was able to get first girl and can’t wait to back there again! Finally, we have Beckenham Parkrun. This is a fairly new parkrun which happens to be incredibly close to us. The course was very flat but on grass the vast majority of the way so I wasn’t hoping for much…but I ended up getting my second fastest 5k time ever and breaking my age category record! We will definitely be returning to this one as it is so convenient for us and a lovely atmosphere.


Icy at Beckenham
Wet and Windy at Lloyd Parkrun

Next up is cross countries. Since Nonsuch Park which I talked about in my last post, I have had four races. First was The Bruce Judd XC relays. This was a really fun event as I had never done a long distance relay before- however it was also very nerve-racking. I was the last leg so I had to wait in a little pen as I watched the other legs and teams completing their laps. Unfortunately, it just so happened that, when my teammate came around, there were very few runners around us (either a bit further behind or a bit  further ahead) so I was very isolated. This made it very hard to run fast as I wasn’t being dragged along with the race so I turned my main priority to just catching as many people as possible. I managed to overtake 3 which was good enough and pull off a good sprint finish making it a very enjoyable experience.


A few weeks later was The London Youth Games. This was the first cross country that I had ever done so I was excited to see how much I had improved. The venue was parliament hill – and it isn’t parliament hill for nothing- but for me, the steep inclines weren’t the most hindering aspect: it was the sheer amount of runners. Unluckily, I was pushed almost to the back at the start and, due to the huge quantity of competitors I was almost unable to run properly with space for almost 1k of the 2k race! Note to self: Next time, start at the front. Considering the circumstances, I had a decent run but it was really refreshing to see that my time had improved by almost a minute since last year – I hope I will be able to say the same next year too!

Warming up at Parliament Hill

Finally, last Saturday was a Surrey League event at Mitcham Common. This was not my favourite race at all. We did not have time to walk the course so based on the appearance of the area we were warming up in, I assumed the whole course would be as flat as a pancake…oh how wrong I was! The run had hill after hill after hill! Generally, I like the hills but the element of surprise was not at all helpful. I ended up not pacing it very well and losing that bit of determination that I usually have – meaning that I was unable to secure my usual attempt to kick at the end and gain a few places. Nevertheless, not so great runs are learning curves and I have now discovered that I need to work a bit hard on the downhills i.e. to run down them instead of falling down. Thankfully, I now don’t have any races until January so I have time to re-kindle my spirit and work on improving.


So, that’s all the running I have been up to lately but, honestly, running has only been a fraction of my business. A lot of it has been a factor of school. Now that I am in year nine, the workload has increase and responsibility. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, we were given the introduction to choosing our GCSEs (a particularly challenging task for me due to liking most subjects). Furthermore the amounts of tests have also increased. And, being the perfectionist that I am, tests mean that I revise until I know everything backwards hence this has been taking up a lot of my time and energy. ((I hope to at some point write a post about studying because, believe it or not, it is an actual hobby of mine)). But that’s okay because it was worth it and now I can complete relax as the holidays dawn ever closer…which makes me even more exciting because CHRISTMAS! I am possibly the most festive person you will ever meet so I am absolutely elated that it is finally December so hopefully I will be able to put so of this happy energy into my blog!

Anyway, that’s about all I have to say and I would really like to thank you all for sticking with me! I hope you enjoyed and have an excellent day,

Ellie xx



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