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Guest Blog – Snack Benefits: Snacks, Smoothies and More

Hi everyone! For this weeks post, my fellow running/ fitness blog Jordan kindly offered to guest-blog! I was delighted when we agreed to collaborate as I really enjoy his blog and really recommend giving it a read as it is full of really great stuff! Over to Jordan:

Hi – my name is Jordan, a 17-year-old athlete and fitness blogger from West Yorkshire, England. I have been kindly asked to write a guest blog for Ellie on the topic of healthy food / snacking.


There is plenty of brands for healthy snacking all around the world, offering you daily healthy snacks that are tasty, healthy and give you a boost of energy, vitamins, carbohydrates and plenty more important dietary requirements a runner needs.

Snacks can be used in many different ways, one way is adding snacks into another bigger snack or meal, I personally use an awful lot and tend to use their yogurt toppers and add them into another snack I have made myself, if you would like some inspiration or just to take a look at my snacks and smoothies you can do so here – but adding small snacks into larger snacks or meals is a great way of mixing different nutrients together and bettering your balanced diet on a daily basis.

Another great way snacks can be used is pre-race snacks – especially those ones that give you a burst of energy (glucose) having snacks just before an event or race will more than likely improve your performance however, don’t have it too close to your race… That’s when the annoying stitch comes along 😉 if you decide to take a snack make sure it’s nothing too big, this can interupt your running and also bring along that stitch nobody wants, keep it small and healthy!

An alternative to a pre-race snack is an Energy Sache, I use the Manuka Honey Energy Gel which gives a quick release of glucose as well as a slow release of fructose, improving your performance with fast effects.


© Jordan White.

Now what’s better then a nice, healthy and refreshing smoothie… That’s right, NOTHING! Nothing beats a midday smoothie or pre-race smoothie, self-made smoothie’s are the best ever invention! I personally have 2 of my own smoothies daily and add a lot of healthy ingredients such as; bananas, strawberries, blueberries, grapes and not forgetting the added exotic juice drink or apple juice!

By runwithjordan
I really hope you enjoyed this post! I would really recommend heading over to Jordan’s own blog and giving it a read as it is really good! If you would like to see my guest-blog on Jordan’s blog, click this linkIf any of you fellow bloggers, are interested in collaborating also, please send me and email or massage me via my social medias linked on my blog homepage. 

Ellie xx


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