A Week In Training (and more)

Hi everybody! Before launching into my post, I would like to apologise for my inactivity for the past week or so. Inevitably, the first weeks of school have taken priority so I have been less-able to commit to the blog (that and I annoyingly managed to delete one of my back-up posts -_- ). Nevertheless, I reckon that once the initial settling back in happens, I will manage to get back into the groove and provide more, quality posts and generally put more into the blog again.

This week, I sort of fell into a writers block. With school to focus on, I  didn’t have much time to come up with creative ideas. So, to make up for that, I decided that it would be fun to give you an insight into my daily life and how I manage all my hobbies along with my studies. I am generally a very busy person thus I think it would be interesting to showcase my weekly activity. Without further ado, I think we should start with everyone’s favourite day of the week…


Ah Monday, the shock of going back to business after a relaxing weekend. Ironically, Monday is my one complete rest day. Due to running hard usually the day before and having club training the day after, I make sure to do very little strenuous exercise on this day (excluding my walk to and from school). Occasionally, I will try to do some stretches but…that usually never happens – however, I am working hard to change this.


This is possibly the day of the week I look forward to the most. It’s track Tuesday! At 6:30pm, my brother, dad and I make our way down to the sports centre for our club training night. I love the social and professional feel of club training. It is completely different to what I usually do and is never short of variety. Although I only joined earlier this year, I really feel at home with my team and it is always good fun!



Due to my usually aches after Tuesday’s session, Wednesday is another rest-day…almost. After school, I go to my school’s rugby club. I only very recently started rugby because lots of my friends who play recommended I give it a go. So far, I am enjoying it (though I’m not convinced that I am actually any good or that I will carry on for very long). Not really sure if the heavy contact is really my style. I often attempt to get myself to try and stretch post-rugby but, to be honest, I never usually do (I should really sort that out).


Thursday is another favourite of mine. The day starts of with a lovely -yet hard- hilly run. It is generally around 6km, occasionally off-road and sometimes with the wonderful hill repeats. I love this run and always push myself super hard as I know it so well. When we return, I hurry to get ready and speed-walk to school. By 12:40, I’m back in my sport kits for netball training. I love netball. Excluding running, it’s definitely my favourite sport. For those who are wondering, I was primarily a WD but I have recently been changed to Centre and I think that may suit me better due to my endurance, speed (and height-or lack there of!). Just like running, when I first started netball I was pretty awful and not on any teams but my coach encouraged me to stick with it and now, two years later, I am now my team captain! Thursday after school we often have netball fixtures which makes for a pretty darn busy and active day.

1/2 of the Netball squad


Friday morning and we’re back at it again with the netball training. By 7:50, rain or shine (this week it was rain), we are on the courts -or the mercy of the sports hall- practising our play. We arrive fashionably late for assembly at 8:50 and then commence with the rest of the day. When I return from my hike home, my dad and I occasionally go for a long, easy run. This is usually anything from 8-13k and is at a very steady pace. I enjoy these runs as I am able to chat with my dad and catch up with everything that has happened during the week – and speculate about future runs. If not, I will try to fit in a strength session but, like the stretching, I am pretty awful at committing to this.


Saturday is the most variable day of my week. Every since I stopped doing regular parkruns (see blog post: The “Less Is More” Dilemma), I’ve had to find new ways to fill my Saturdays. This can sometimes be another form of activity (e.g. cycling), stretch/ strength sessions or just nothing to do with running at all! However, I may be starting yoga soon on Saturday afternoons so watch this space! Of course, once or twice a month I will go out and do a much-needed parkrun (I’m thinking of trying the Cross Country like Lloyd Parkrun next) and occasionally, I will have a race on Saturday.



Yay Sunday! Nearly all of our Sunday mornings start with my favourite event of the week: junior parkrun! I think I will definitely have to write a separate post about junior parkrun soon because I genuinely love it so much. Just about every week, I treat it as a race – battling against my many, alternating rivals. A lot of the time, due to generally finishing high up the field, I often scan the bar codes after finishing – which is really good fun. Unfortunately, I can only do junior parkrun for one more year until I am two old but, during that time, I am determined to break the girl’s record as I am currently -annoyingly- 2nd fastest. If I’m not junior-parkrunning on Sunday, the chances are I raced on Saturday, I am racing or I am racing the day after. The majority of the club races are on a Sunday so I may have to miss a few – but I am sure I’ll never be far. The rest of Sunday is considerably relaxed – often depicted as “Homework Day” and, before we know it, it’s Monday morning again!


I hope you enjoyed reading about the sorts of activity I do in a week! I obviously skipped out a lot of stuff (mainly school related things) but I though it would be more interesting for my readers to see the more active side of  my weekly routine. I would also briefly like to mention how chuffed I am at the impact my blog is having on people. I have been received multiple emails of people asking advice or telling I have inspired them and it makes me feel so honoured. People I know have even asked me for tips on how to start running! I really do love all my readers and I promise that I will continue to work hard and produce good content through-out the year for everyone! If you have anything you want to ask me about or if you just want to chat about something that interests you, please feel free to drop me an email – I really love talking to you guys!

Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely day,

Ellie xx



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