Welcome to My Blog!

Hello reader, my name is Ellie and welcome to my new blog. I am very excited right now to be writing my first ever blog post. I have always loved to write -especially about things I am passionate about. After being inspired by various bloggers, I had the idea that it would be a fun project to start my own! Thus, Energised Ellie was born.  Here I will most likely write about my passions: happy and healthy living – mind and physical, running, vegan food, science, studying, psychology, hobbies, fiction, travelling, nature, dealing with anxiety and stress and my various adventures and experiences but I reckon that the longer I blog, the more variety I will be able to publish. After debating on how to introduce myself and the blog in general, I thought that the best way would be to tell you a few facts about myself so that you can get to know me. So, here they are, 25 facts about me:

  1. My full name is Eleanor, I am thirteen and my birthday is 9th September. I came up with the blog name “Energised Ellie” because I like to think I am very active and energetic and I hope that this blog can encourage people to be energised in all aspects of life: physically and mentally.
  2. I love sports – particularly netball, tennis (even though I am notoriously awful at it) cycling, gymnastics (I was a gymnast for six years before quitting in favour of running), trampolining but my favourite sport is running (long/middle distance, track and cross country).

    Running in Corfu.
  3. I started running with no running experience in June 2015 and gradually became more serious and improved to get where I am now. It is frankly the best decision I have ever made.I now attend a local running club once a week.
  4. I am a vegan as of May 2016 and I have never ever regretted it.
  5. I love discovering interesting facts and I am fascinated by anything to do with psychology, nature, science and travelling.
  6. I attend a girls private school and am currently going into Year 9.
  7. My favourite school subjects are Maths, Latin, History, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and English…well to be fair I like nearly all subjects (except music and art due to my poor ability and distaste to being bad at things).
  8. My favourite colour changes very frequently, for example, it was green a few days ago but now it is light pink.
  9. I’m not sure how tall I am but it’s below 5ft (yes, I’m tiny).
  10. I love to read and my favourite book at the moment is A Tale Of Two Cities but I have read many other great books which are close contenders.
  11. I hope to start yoga and hope to improve my flexibility and peacefulness – as my flexibility from gymnastics has expired and I seem to find it impossible to be peaceful in the slightest.
  12. My favourite foods are pasta, avocado, porridge, tomatoes and cereal (with almond milk obviously).

    My food rarely looks blog-worthy.
  13. I live in London with my mum, dad, younger brother Sam
  14. We have two pets: Sam’s gecko Yertyl/ Yurtle/ Yertel (I’m not really sure how we spell it) and our wonderful cocker spaniel Ember (AKA my favourite creature in the world)
  15. I started this blog on the first day of the summer holidays mainly due to boredom.
  16. My favourite films are Legally Blonde, Clueless and Ice Age 2.
  17. I love all animals – particularly dogs and particularly my dog.

    Meet Ember!
  18. I have no clue what I want to do for a job when I am older but I am considering doing something to do with sports science, medicine, psychiatry/ psychology or law.
  19. I am a massive and hugely competitive perfectionist.
  20. I have a strong hatred for mosquitoes, locusts, wasps and spiders. My biggest fears include finding any of the above in my bed and needles.
  21. I have huge travel goals and plan to visit many exciting countries but I dream to visit Japan and USA (particularly New York, San Francisco, LA, Texas and Florida but I would happily explore the whole thing).
  22. I am one of those rare people who actually really enjoy studying. I think it has something to do with my love of organisation and adoration of beautiful looking study notes. This also links into one of my favourite hobbies of planner decorating.
  23. I love the summer but my favourite celebration is definitely Christmas. I literally look forward to it all year long. Anything Christmas themed gets comically excited – even if I find it in the middle of August.
  24. I struggle with anxiety and often stress due to my perfectionism but I am trying to get and hope to decrease my amount of worrying and increase my relaxation. I will make sure to write about this in my blog to help give people advice.
  25. I am writing this  blog for fun but I hope that it will someday help people out and give them pleasure to read.

Anyway, those are a few facts about me. Hopefully you now have a better idea who am I and what my blog will be about.  I hope that this post will be the start of great things to come. Please contact me and leave any comments you have- I would really appreciate it as I am new to the blogger world and would really appreciate some useful feedback. Thank you for reading,

Ellie x


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